Advance Your Career

Primer™ empowers you to advance your career through writing. It will guide you through:

  • Cover Letters
  • Thank You Notes
  • Meeting Requests
  • Mutual Introductions

What Primer™ Helps You Write:

writing a cover letter, thank you note, meet request, connecting two people together

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Stanford Venture Studio - How To Write A Cover Letter

Smart Structures Tell You What to Write

You have the ideas. We can help you get them down. Writing a cover letter to the company of your dreams? Primer™ asks questions to learn about you and your reasons for applying. Your answers help determine what it recommends for your specific note. Primer™ never forgets the details between Dear and Sincerely, from mentioning your referral name to including a link to your portfolio. Use Primer™ and have confidence in your writing.

writing a professional cover letter

Strategic Guides Walk Through Every Step

writing a strategic cover letter

Beautiful, Distraction-Free, Writing Area

how to write a winning cover letter

The Metagraph Analyzes How You Come Off

strategic writing cover letter